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Inside the C++ Object Model book download

Inside the C++ Object Model book download

Inside the C++ Object Model. Stanley B. Lippman

Inside the C++ Object Model

ISBN: 0201834545,9780201834543 | 182 pages | 5 Mb

Download Inside the C++ Object Model

Inside the C++ Object Model Stanley B. Lippman
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

Clear, less prone to bugs and efficient. Inside the C++ Object Model的内容摘要:中文版:深度探索C++对象模型Book DescriptionInside the C++ Object Model focuses on the underlying mechanisms that. Its a great read and addresses many your questions. Please refer to the indepth book on C++ Internals by Stanley B. Lippman (he worked on implementing/maintaining C-front the original C++ implementation at Bell Labs). This latest edition has been updated to reflect the latest ANSI/ISO standard. Lippman's book "Inside The C++ Object Model" talks about it at length. The procedural model as programmed in C, and, of course, supported within C++. C++支持如下三种programming paradigms(程序设计典范): 1. Inside the C++ Object Model,心凉如水的网易博客,keep walking,一直狠困. ǜ�完这本书的感觉就是,用C++编程,其实应该说是面向编译器编程。为了实现OO的思想,C++编译器在程序员背后做了太多的事情。 1)为了和C兼容,class的内存布局设计成和struct一样;. Notes about "Inside The C++ Object Model". Please see: C++ Object layout in multiple inheritance · Adjustor thunks · Multiple inheritance in C++ (Stroustrup). If your interested in the makings of C++ code the may I recommend a book by Stanley Lippman - Inside The C++ Object Model. C/C++ 语言中的方法和数据 1.

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